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With brilliantly balanced weight distribution and impeccable styling, the F12berlinetta 12-cylinder engine delivers 740 Horsepower, 0-62mph acceleration in 3.1 seconds; and a top speed of over 211 mph.

On top of pure performance figures, it is incredibly fluid. Weight distribution is ideal (54% at the rear) with a lower center of gravity moved rearward toward the chassis inspiring confidence at all speeds, not just on the track.

Owning an F12berlinetta is a uniquely gratifying experience whether cruising through vibrant city streets or touring the scenic country roads of Pennsylvania and the east coast.

The F12berlinetta’s design strikes the perfect balance between maximum aerodynamic efficiency and the elegant proportions typical of Ferrari’s front-engine V12 cars. The front of the car is dominated by an imposing grille that draws air into the engine bay to cool the V12. On either side of it are electronically-controlled guide vanes which help cool the brakes. This is an original, active aerodynamic solution; when closed guide vanes cut drag, and when open they guarantee optimal brake cooling.

The emphasis in the F12berlinetta’s cabin has been optimized to provide both a sporty driving position as well as guaranteed maximum comfort. The design’s strongest feature, is the logical, ergonomic layout of functions within the cockpit allowing the driver to reach all of the controls without taking his hands off the steering wheel and displays all of the information he requires directly ahead.

The F12berlinetta’s aerodynamic innovations are many. Among them is the Aero Bridge, which for the first time uses the bonnet to create downforce, and Active Brake Cooling, a system of guide vanes on the brake air ducts that open only if brake operating temperatures reach higher temperatures. The end result is that the 2013 F12berlinetta is the most overall aerodynamically efficient Ferrari ever.

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