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488 GTB & Spider Accessories:


Forged Multi-Spoke Wheel Set:

The new multi-spoke wheels represent a unique technical and aestheic solution. The forging process produces a much lighter wheel and the new design creates a pronounced three-dimensional effect with strong lines that further enhances the sportiness of the vehicle.

The wheels come in grey and two tone diamond polished matte finishes.


Painted Wheel Set:


The 488 wheel sets are now available in painted 20" cast wheels and forged wheels with significant weight reductions.

The painted wheels are available in the following finishes from left to right:


-Grigio Corsa Matte

-Forged Chrome

-Forged Grigio Corsa

-Forged Diamond-Polished


Brake Caliper Set:

Looking to personalize or change up the color of your 488 calipers? Choose from one of the various colors available.


Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler:

The front spoiler is an important element of the overall dynamics of the vehicles. The carbon fiber version helps increase downforce while also reducing the overall weight of the car.


Carbon Fiber Air Intake Splitter Set:

The side air intakes on the rear fenders of the 488 are used to channel air into the engine. The intakes are designed to split air flows ensuring that the engine receives maximum power.


Carbon Fiber Rear Air Ducts Set:

The two openings on the rear bumper of the 488 are used to extract air from the engine compartment. The rear ducts are now available in carbon fiber.


Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser & Rear Fog Light Kit:

The rear diffuser is designed to increase the aerodynamic downforce at the rear of the vehicle and optimize air extraction from the underbody. The rear diffuser fins direct air flow to minimize turbulence and the resulting drag. The kit also includes lower aero carbon fiber flaps and rear fog light kit.


Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Set:

Combine aesthetic appeal with outstanding technical performance while reducing the total weight of the car.


Carbon Engine Compartment Cover Kit:

The carbon fiber engine compartment cover kit helps to reduce the overall weight of the car while still retaining the same heat resistance properties as standard components. However, compared to standard car components carbon fiber does not deteriorate over time. Additionally, a transparent protective outer layer ensures that the technical and aesthetic properties of the engine remain unchanged.


Titanium and Sports Tailpipe Tips:

The titanium tailpipes follow the same design as the standard tailpipe but incorporate a 50% weight reduction in the component. Titanium also creates a nice color contrast between the bumper grille and the pipes.

Alternatively, it is possible to order the steel version but with a matte black ceramic finish.


Front Parking Sensor Kit:

Provide the driver with information on distance when approaching obstacles to the front or the rear of the vehicle.


Front Suspension Lift Kit:

lift kit

Provides the driver with an additional driving system. The “lift” system acts on the shock absorbers, lifting the vehicle by approximately 40 mm to facilitate access to garages or ramps, thus preventing potential damage to the vehicle.


Additional Mats Set with Logo: 488 GTB & Spider 

The mats are made from carpet, finished with piped leather, and feature an insert with the vehicle name embroidered on it. The additional mats perfectly match the trim chosen for the passenger compartment of the vehicle.


Carbon Fiber F1 Paddle Unit and Carbon Fiber Dashboard Inserts:

The F1 controls behind the steering wheel can be replaced with a full carbon fiber paddle kit. A full kit can be ordered to update the interior of the 488, replacing the aluminum inserts on the dashboard with full carbon fiber elements.


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