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Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

The Other Side of Lusso

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When Ferrari’s engineers decided to adopt a V8 turbo engine and rear-wheel drive for the GTC4Lusso T, their aim was to modify the vehicle dynamics to give a sportier feel that was coherent with the handling characteristics laid down by the V12 version.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T



Ferrari Style

Designed by Ferrari’s Styling Centre, the GTC4Lusso T maintains the same innovative take on the shooting brake coupé as the V12 version, reinterpreting the concept with an extremely streamlined, tapered shape that gives it an almost fastback-like silhouette.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Exterior


Enhanced Shared

Driving Experience

The cabin is an effortless melding of sophisticated elegance – seen in the artisan quality of the prestigious hides - and the high-tech, sporty aspect of the metal or carbon-fibre components mainly found in the human-machine interfaces.

The GTC4Lusso T features the unique Dual Cockpit architecture, designed to enhance the shared driving experience for both driver and passenger.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Interior




Ferrari GTC4Lusso T


Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

448 kW

(610 cv)

at 7500 rpm


Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

3.5 sec



Ferrari GTC4Lusso T



The GTC4Lusso T: it’s a spectacular counterpart to the larger, louder GTC4Lusso without the “T.” If you want a supremely comfortable vehicle that’s comfortable to drive every day, and if you need your high-end sports cars to be able to idle smoothly in traffic and function equally well in automatic and sport modes, the GTC4Lusso T is the perfect option for you. Level-up your daily commute starting today -- we would love to take you out for a test drive. Your neighbors will never look at you the same, and you’ll enjoy the best driving experience money can buy every time you leave your driveway. Visit your Ferrari store in Orlando today to learn more.

GTC4Lusso T Details - Here’s What You Need To Know

So exactly what is it that sets the GTC4Lusso T apart from its relative, the GTC4Lusso? Other than roughly $45,000 -- yes, you save money by adding a T to the model -- there are a handful of noteworthy specifications.

Most obviously, the GTC4Lusso T features a V8 engine, whereas its larger counterpart features a V12. You won’t lose much in the speed category, however -- you can still achieve 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, and the top speed of this incredible car knocks on 200 mph’s door. It also weighs less and combined with the V8 engine, that will save you a few miles per gallon on the highway -- not an insignificant difference as the miles add up.

As far as the drivetrain is concerned, this Ferrari hatchback features a sporty rear-wheel-drive configuration. It’s important to note that the GTC4Lusso has an all-wheel-drive mechanism, making it the preferred vehicle for those driving in all manner of rain and weather. You won’t want to reach high speeds in heavy rain or snow with the GTC4Lusso T.

Driving a GTC4Lusso T

The driving experience of a GTC4Lusso T is absolutely sublime. While it may not crackle and roar quite as loudly as the V12 version, this car’s V8 still features a signature Ferrari whine when you start climbing the speedometer. Your passengers will be incredibly comfortable (not something you can take for granted in a supercar), and whether you’re flying down the freeway, winding through the suburbs, or idling in traffic, you’ll enjoy a world-class driving experience.

Why Buy Ferrari Exotic Cars At Ferrari of Central Florida?

When you purchase a car at our Ferrari dealership, you are doing more than acquiring a car - you are joining a family of knowledgeable Ferrari enthusiasts. We’ll partner with you to keep your vehicle running smoothly, equip you with all of the accessories and replacement parts you need in the future, and provide the very best annual vehicle servicing you can possibly get. We’ve also been a family-owned and operated business for the past 50 years, so we take a little bit of extra pride in everything we do - and we would love to prove it to you. If you need a test drive, an oil change, a set of tires, or another kind of service, we hope you’ll let us serve you.

How To Finance a Florida Ferrari For Sale

If you are ready to start pursuing Ferrari ownership, check out our simple, easy to use online tools. We have several calculators designed to help you make the right decisions, and you can always let us know if you have any questions. You can calculate your monthly interest costs, see how much your monthly payments will be, and determine all of this based on the down payment you’d like to make. Once you have all of those elements in order, reach out to us about a formal application -- we would be more than happy to help you get started. Individuals with higher credit scores will often receive higher financing totals and lower interest rates, but everyone who submits a strong application will be considered.

If you have any questions about how to get approved for a Ferrari finance deal, just let us know.

Get Your Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Serviced At Our Dealership

You can’t entrust your spectacular Ferrari vehicle to just any dealership, and that’s why we offer high-end Ferrari parts and service. Were you in a fender bender? Bring your car to us -- we’ll take care of it and have it looking as good as new. Do you need to find an exciting gift for a Ferrari enthusiast or owner? We can help you identify the right performance kit or upgrade for them. We also use genuine OEM Ferrari parts at our dealership, so you won’t hurt your car’s resale value by getting replacement parts.

The truth is, nobody understands Ferraris or GTC4Lusso T specs better than we do, and we’d love to prove it to you. Stop by our dealership at your earliest convenience; we’d love to meet you.

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