Ferrari Brake Service in Orlando, FL

Ferrari Brake Service

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Ferrari Brake Service in Orlando, FL

Why Schedule Your Ferrari Brake Service with Ferrari of Central Florida?

Brake service is essential to the functionality of your car. Routine service can help you to have those ready-to-stop breaks that can facilitate turning on a dime if your terrain requires it. It also helps your car’s overall functionality and safety at routine run-ins, like red lights and stop signs. It’s something that should never be overlooked — and it can be easily done by your Ferrari technician.

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Ferrari Brake Service FAQs and Tips

How can I tell if my Ferrari needs brake service?

If you catch your brakes slipping, making odd noises, or any other unusual signs, it’s probably time to get the brakes on your Ferrari serviced. While this is a bit of an up-front investment, you will be protected if you’ve bought your Ferrari within 7 years or less via Ferrari’s 7-year Genuine Warranty Program.

*4-5 year designation indicates the possible “Extended Warranty” Formula that some clients may be eligible for.

Why does brake fluid need to be replaced during brake service?

As your car generates heat, there’s a good chance that it’s eating away at your brake fluid as well. Moisture can be left behind, which is why you’ll sometimes see rust spots on breaks. However, between the evaporation and the possible particulate contamination, it’s a good idea to change fluid when you do your brakes.

Why are my brakes squealing?

Your brakes can be squealing for any number of reasons. Some of the most common include wearing down of your brake pads, moisture that has rusted your rotor, a lack of lube or any sort of debris that could be between your rotors and pads. Your tech can help you get to the bottom of squealing brakes.

What does brake service include?

Brake service inclusions can vary depending on where you take your car. However, you can generally expect a rotor examination (and possible resurfacing), simple diagnostics (if needed), adjusting and lubricating of your system’s parts and flushing your old brake fluid.

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