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Ferrari Tire Service

Expect unparalleled tire service and service specials from the technicians at Ferrari of Central Florida. With our unique expertise with the Ferrari brand, we handle all service requests with maximum care and precision.

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Why Schedule a Ferrari Tire Service with Ferrari of Central Florida?

Regular tire service goes beyond maintenance, effectively preventing premature tire wall damage, uneven wear, and the risk of blowouts. Our tire service offers you peace of mind, ensure the longevity of your tires, and shields you from unnecessary expenses. Our certified technicians are industry professionals handling high-caliber Ferrari tires, employing only genuine OEM parts and accessories which fall under Ferrari’s 7-year genuine service warranty. This warranty covers labor, lubricants, engine oil, original replacement parts, and brake fluid annually, at no cost to you.

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Ferrari Tire Service FAQs and Tips

What are the signs that my Ferrari needs tire service?

Should your Ferrari begin to lose its cornering prowess, displays diminished traction or unusual vibrations, or shows clear signs of wear, it may be time for professional tire service.

How often should I service my Ferrari’s tires?

Your Ferrari should come to our service bay every 5,000 to 7,5000 miles, or once per year. This interval can vary depending on your specific Ferrari, but it can ensure your tires maintain their optimal condition.

Can I use aftermarket tires for my Ferrari?

We highly recommend only using Ferrari OEM parts to maintain the exceptional performance and safety standards of your vehicle. Aftermarket parts will typically not meet the exacting specifications required for your Ferrari, potentially compromising its integrity, your safety, and your warranty.

What is included in a tire service at Ferrari of Tampa Bay?

We offer comprehensive tire service to help ensure your Ferrari’s performance stays at the level you expect. We offer pressure adjustments, inspections, balancing and alignments, rotations, wheel cleaning, balancing, and recommendations for ways to maintain your tires for years to come.

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At Ferrari of Central Florida, our dedicated service center is where the Ferrari legacy is meticulously preserved with each repair. Contact us to arrange your appointment and see our exclusive service specials.

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